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Postby bodybuilderdk » Sun Apr 19, 2009 7:05 pm

I'm sure most of you are aware of Billy Meier, at swedish "yogi" who lived secluded in the mountains of switzerland for many years, and due to previous lifes he was here on earth as apart of the pleiadian mission to help guide humanity towards enlightenment. So his contact (physical) with pleiadian people lead him to writting many detailed accounts of this advanced civilization which has connection with us in our ancestry (their physical bodies resemble our own). He has produced many clear photos of the ships, and has visited their planet which is located in a star cluster in the taurus constellation, known as pleiades. Know during the time of his interviews with a spiritual aspirant named Randolph Winters, he discussed that only those in meditation who expanded there consciousness could recieve messages from the pleiades and also only few at the time could go to the "other side". As we are aware of astral projection and more and more are experiences dimensions beyond this physical is quiet easy to say that many have likly travelled to this constellation. I was curious on anyones experiences whether they astrally projected their, came into contact with pleiadians, etc. My interest arose in the subject as in my previous thread under healing about "reconnective healing" with Dr.Eric Pearl, as an astrologer stated to Eric that his previous life he was a pleiadian as Eric remembered himself having 12 strands of DNA, and know Eric holding 3 strands of DNA is a catalyst for the evolution of humanity towards our inevitable spiritual advancement to who we really are.

If you wish to learn more of the pleiadians, watch the following youtube interviews, just mind blowing. ... B26895AFE7

Please discuss openly as i'm very interested in peoples experiences and once i've mastered conscious AP, i'll surely be exploring. Thanks alot. Many Blessings, lots of love and light.

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Re: Pleiadians

Postby being human » Sun Apr 19, 2009 9:02 pm

Im not sure if they were Pleiadians..but Ive had some very lucid dreams involving spaceships
etc..some hostile some friendly...
what do their ships look like?
arent they the ones responsible for the Phoenix Lights?
being human

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